Saturday, 23 September 2017

Film Review: FOX TRAP (2016)

FOX TRAP ** U.K. 2016 Dir: Jamie Weston. 97 mins

This slick low budget British horror has a scenario right out of innumerable 1980’s American slasher movies: a Prom Night prank gone wrong (“She’s disabled but she didn’t die from it!”) rebounds on a group of twentysomethings when they are invited to a suspicious class reunion eight years later.


NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE **** U.S.A. 2016 Dir: Jonathan Straiton 94 mins 

When Cornelius the janitor decides to get a bit frisky with a corpse in the hospital morgue he returns home with an extreme case of the clap. So much so he expires and becomes a reanimated yet incredibly horny rampaging zombie, hell bent on spreading his disease to…well, anyone who happens to be passing really. In the meantime a bunch of school friends are heading to the beach when they stop off at a garage so that one of the girls can use the toilet. This garage happens to be where Cornelius had followed the smell of a menstruating woman into the toilet and left a bit of a mess behind.

Book Review: AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS - A Graphic Novel


We are back in the world that H.P. Lovecraft started all those years ago and we are reviewing a graphic novel telling of his once rejected novel At The Mountains Of Madness. Originally published in a serial format in 'Astounding Stories' magazine in 1936, the story has had many versions of it printed over the years. Which brings us to this edition of the novel in graphic form from SelfMade Hero. The story is told in a first-person perspective by Professor Dyer a geologist at the Miskatonic University who hopes to prevent his findings in Antarctica reaching the wider world.

Film Review: DOGGED (2017)

DOGGED *** U.K. 2017 Dir: Richard Rowntree 116 mins

Following the death of young Megan on the island that University student Sam grew up on he returns home to attend the funeral. Though the island may seem normal to most people there is a few on the island who know better, and with their help Sam will soon discover the dark secret the islanders keep away from the outside world.


Once they get in, they’ll never want to leave...


After suffering a miscarriage, Newlyweds John and Samantha Harris relocate from New York City to a small Appalachian town where they become wrapped up in a nightmarish tapestry of evil.

Film Review: MOTH (2016)

MOTH ** U.K./U.S.A./Hungary 2016 Dir: Gergö Elekes, József Gallai 81 mins

The story of the Mothman comes from West Virginia folklore where a local spotted a man-sized bird creature in 1966. The press picked up on the story and it spread across America and further sightings have been seen over the years. Now that little bit of backstory is out the way, this film MOTH deals with a teacher and student investigating the apparent resurgence of sightings in Hungary.

Friday, 22 September 2017


Out now on VOD from Wild Eye Releasing is writer-director F.C. Rabbath’s WATCH OVER US which has been described as THE EXORCIST meets STRANGER THINGS.

Avery Kristen Pohl (The Glades), Ella Schaefer (Criminal Minds), and Daniel Link (KRAMPUS UNLEASHED) headline the frightening story of a family having to face a paranormal force on a farm.



SRS continue to dig deep into their library of films and for their next limited edition Blu-ray, they have pulled out a cult classic in Tim Ritter’s sleaze masterpiece CREEP.

The shot on video movie was first unleashed in 1995 and has seen a few different versions in various releases since, but SRS is returning to the first edition with this one for the best possible source materials.


Thursday, 21 September 2017

Film Review: REVELATOR (2017)

REVELATOR **** U.S.A. 2017 Dir: J. Van Auken 109 mins

John Dunning is a man who can see the dead, some believe his gift others on the other hand think he is a fraud. His gift will soon be put to the test though as he is hired by the battling Bellvue family. John must investigate the mysterious death of the last heir to the Bellvue empire, tagging along in his investigation is Valerie Kreuger, a journalist who wants to have a breakthrough story. Their joint investigation soon sees John become a bigger target not only from those in power, but also someone from the dead won't leave him alone. Will John find the truth before he loses his mind or worse....end up dead himself?

Film Review: ALIEN: REIGN OF MAN (2017)

ALIEN REIGN OF MAN * U.S.A. 2017 Dir: Justin Price 85 mins

The synopsis of this movie is brief but it would seem this is about a team of trained soldiers immune to a virus that have been left stranded on an alien planet to try and fix a machine that will restore Earth to its former glory in the time before the virus. To do this they must battle with aliens and contend with the planet itself which seems to be terraforming around them.


This Halloween, Intervision Picture Corporation returns to the mysterious great white
north, this time to unearth one of the strangest artifacts of the late 1980’s.

BEYOND THE SEVENTH DOOR is a beguiling puzzle film in the vein of DEATH TRAP or THE LAST OF SHEILA, but with far fewer resources and a vastly more eccentric team of filmmakers.

Film Review: KRAMPUS UNLEASHED (2016)

KRAMPUS UNLEASHED ** U.S.A. 2016 Dir: Robert Conway 90 mins

Many, many years ago a group of treasure hunters uncover the booty of a German cowboy which, instead of riches, contains a rock that summons Krampus. On releasing him they all meet their deaths and the rock is lost in a river only to be discovered decades later by a small boy panning for gold with his father and uncle. Visiting family for the holidays the boy brings the rock back to his Grandparents and his lazy obnoxious cousin manages to free Krampus once again and death befalls all those around him.


Witchfinder reveals the contents of the August 2017 Colossal Horror Crate in this latest unboxing video.

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Wednesday, 20 September 2017


Two 1970's classic horrors make their U.K. home entertainment debut this year and they are none other then WILLARD and its sequel BEN.

Second Sight Films will be releasing these two rats on the rampage movies in a limited edition Blu-ray boxset and as individual DVD and Blu-ray releases as well as on-demand and download.

Both films will be released in newly restored versions complete with brand new special features.

Film Review: CIRCUS KANE (2017)

CIRCUS KANE **** USA 2017 Dir: Christopher Douglas-Olen Ray 88 mins

Years after a fatal incident struck the incredibly popular cult attraction Circus Kane, circus master Balthazar Kane decides to re-invent his horror show attraction and bring it more up to date by featuring it on all social media mediums. What better way to go about it then sending out a Willy Wonka style golden ticket invitation via social media to Americas most influential horror personalities and offering them a prize of $250,000 if they can last the night, the question is who, if any, will survive to collect the prize money?

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Film Review: UNHOLY (2015)

UNHOLY *** U.K. 2015 Dir: Anthony M. Winson 88 mins

Opening with the 'inspired by true events' statement we have seen countless times, we soon meet newlyweds Peter and Margaret Eastwood. The happy couple are looking at buying their first home together and they find that place at 39 Ashcroft Road. With an asking price of £8000...well it is 1975....the place also comes with everything inside. Once moved in it is not long before things start to feel off about the place. Creakings, knockings, furniture moved, voices heard and disgusting smells soon have Margaret believing their house is haunted.

Film Review: AMERICAN MUMMY (a.k.a. Aztec Blood) (2014)

AMERICAN MUMMY (a.k.a. Aztec Blood) ** U.S.A. 2014 Dir: Charles Pinion 82 mins

An ancient evil will rise when a group of university students unearth an ancient mummy. They are digging in the New Mexico desert when one of the students performs a blood ritual to awake the spirit of the Aztec Lord Tezcalipoca. At first it seems not much has happened, but when the spirit possesses one of the students the curse spreads like wildfire amongst the group.


What would you do if you couldn't find a job? Would you take up the first thing on offer even if you are the only applicant? Would you question why its only you? What if the job you applied for had a ghost at its location?

Still want the job?

In THE FORLORNED a newly positioned lighthouse caretaker is haunted by a dark force and mysterious presence. Unlikely assistance is given to bring justice to the dark forces that lie within the lighthouse grounds.

Below you can check out the official poster and trailer.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Film Review: PLANK FACE (2016)

PLANK FACE **** USA 2016 Dir: Scott Schirmer. 91 mins

A Bandit Motion Pictures production sharing a director and key personnel with HARVEST LAKE, this initially plays to genre type as a young couple fucking in the woods are bloodily interrupted by the masked, heavy breathing weirdo who has been peeping on them. It then pivots into something far from ordinary, as the male survivor (Nathan Barrett) avenges the actions of the eponymous, masked maniac in a particularly brutal fashion (with sadistic shades of the I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE remake) before being captured and by Plankface’s warped family unit, who groom him as a replacement for their lost patriarch.

Friday, 15 September 2017


Following on from the news we broke earlier this week (HERE) about DIE LAUGHING we can officially bring you the poster (to the left) and below you can check out the official trailer.

Bob Golub’s DIE LAUGHING is available today, on major digital platforms!