Tuesday, 23 January 2018


Witchfinder is here with another unboxing. Watch as he reveals the contents of the January 2018 Colossal Horror Crate in this latest unboxing video.

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Monday, 22 January 2018

Film Review: ALL THE DEVILS ARE HERE (2014)

ALL THE DEVILS ARE HERE *** U.S.A./Bahamas 2014 Dir: Ryan Lightbourn 94 mins

Five college students head off to the remote parts of Florida to stay at one of the groups holiday home. The students include your usual array of characters including the nerd Evan, the jock Kyle and his girlfriend Amy, a stereotypical  English character called Owen and his girlfriend Kate). There intentions are simple to party away spring break with drugs, drink and good times. Instead they are forced to fight off a deadly virus which turns people into zombie type creatures who like they are from THE DESCENT. Only with the help of two escaped convicts and a gun-toting hillbilly will they survive these vicious creatures...or will they?


Winner of the Gold Award at the Spotlight Horror Film Awards, and featuring a superb line-up including Bryan Manley Davis (Sheep Skin), Chris Viemeister (Bridge and Tunnel), David Alexander (Thelema the Equinox Diaries), Kristen Seavey (“Nightwing: Escalation”), and Anne-Marie Mueschke (“Siberia”), Kurtis Spieler's THE DEVIL’S WELL is full to the top brick with bloodcurdling chills.


Saturday, 20 January 2018


Random Media brings humankind to the edge of ruin in in the indie sci-fi BLUE WORLD ORDER.

The films stars Billy Zane (Titanic, The Phantom), Jake Ryan ("Home and Away", The Great Gatsby) and Stephen Hunter (Peter Jackson's The Hobbit trilogy).

Film Review: THE SPANISH CHAINSAW MASSACRE (a.k.a. Carnivoros) (2017)

THE SPANISH CHAINSAW MASSACRE (a.k.a. Carnivoros) ** Spain 2017 Dir: Manolito Motosierra 70 mins

Heavy metal band 'The Metal Dicks' are on the road to promote their first record but on the journey to their first tour location the van they are travelling in gets a flat tyre. After pushing the vehicle to the closest town they are met by the town's mayor who invites them to stay to enjoy the towns patrons saints day festivities. While the prospect of free food and drink may seem very inviting to the band they will soon realise that they are the main course.

Friday, 19 January 2018


Making a feature length horror film that stands out is hard work, now try making a short film which tells you a story in 3 minutes. That is what award winning British filmmaker Dan Allen (UNHINGED, 2017) will be bringing to life in his anthology web-series #3MINUTEHORROR which kicks off with its first episode called 'The Mime'.

'The Mime' unfolds when a businesswoman encounters a mysterious killer mime in a London underpass - a character Allen devised to draw comparisons to Pennywise from IT.

Film Review: BLACK GUNN (1972)

BLACK GUNN **** U.K./U.S.A. 1972 Dir: Robert Hartford-Davis 97 mins

BLACK GUNN stars ex-NFL player Jim Brown as Gunn, a no nonsense nightclub owner. When his brother brings something to put in the nighclubs safe that could bring a crime syndicate down, he also brings heat down on not only himself but Gunn. When the syndicate find Gunn's brother and kills him, Gunn takes it upon himself to seek vengeance at any cost. Outside some of the most talked about blaxploitation movies such as COFFY or SHAFT, BLACK GUNN stands out as one of the better movies of the early 1970's exploitation sub-genre.

Thursday, 18 January 2018


Zorya Films, Millman Productions and ITN Distribution are putting scream queen Danielle Harris under the knife with the 6th February DVD and VOD release of Christopher Lawrence Chapman's INOPERABLE.

Harris (Halloween 4 & 5, Rob Zombie's Halloween, the Hatchet franchise) stars as Amy, a hospital patient who must battle nature and the supernatural before she ends up trapped for eternity. Chapman directed from a script he co-wrote with producer Jeff Miller following their collaboration on Clowntown. INOPERABLE will be available nationwide on DVD, Cable VOD and Digital HD on 6th February.



Writer/director Tyler Amm’s frighteningly funny BUTCHER THE BAKERS is out now on VOD from genre specialists Dark Cuts.

Executive produced by Volumes of Blood’s P.J Starks, BUTCHER THE BAKERS stars Ryan Matthew Ziegler, Sean Walsh, Mike Behrens and Lisa Wojcik in a fantastically splatastic new indie jaunt that gives both the lungs and funnybone a workout!



Based on the novel 'Cold Moon Over Babylon' by Michael McDowell, writer of Beetlejuice and The Nightmare Before Christmas, COLD MOON is an eerie tale of murder, manipulation and vengeance from beyond the grave. Featuring a strong central performance from Josh Stewart and a terrifying turn by Christopher Lloyd this is the perfect film to give you chills on a winter’s night.


Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Film Review: IBIZA UNDEAD (a.k.a. Zombie Spring Breakers) (2016)

IBIZA UNDEAD (a.k.a. Zombie Spring Breakers) ** U.K. 2016 Dir: Andy Edwards 95 mins

I had been warned off purchasing this film by many zombie fans so when the opportunity arose to review this I jumped at the chance to satisfy my curiosity (and fulfil my need to see every zombie movie at least once) without parting with any cash. And, well, if I was under 25, possessed crap taste in music and had a complete personality transplant then I'm sure this review would be a bit more positive but here goes......
3 kind of geeky loser types and one of their ex girlfriends go on a holiday to Ibiza, once there they go to their villa and indulge in the usual nightmare scenario of alcohol fuelled nightclubbing in the hope of getting laid by anyone or anything. The zombie apocalypse has already happened but apparently is under control and the reports confirm that the island is clear of infected. One of the nightclubs uses zombies shipped over from the UK in one of its shows though and after a slight mishap the island is getting over run by the undead.

TOP TEN MOVIES OF 2017 as chosen by Sarah Budd

Well, 2017 certainly seemed to fly by! And this brings about that time of year again where we contemplate our years viewing and attempt to compile a comprehensive list of our favourite movies. 2017 was a good year for movies, horror especially and, it would seem, a continuation of the sequel and/or remake trend which shows no sign of slowing down as yet. A few of these I really enjoyed and have made it onto my list. This year, although it went quickly, has again been incredibly unkind in regards to horror personalities who have passed away. I remember cursing 2016 for it depriving us of some greats but on reflection I think 2016 was preparing us for the carnage of the following year. I don't want to seem too over dramatic but the loss of George A Romero hit me quite hard . If that wasn't bad enough literally days later came the news of Linkin Park's Chester Bennington passing, and it didn't end there. Over the course of the year the horror community said farewell to way too many of its legends. Grasping at the only positive to come from this is that these great people created or acted in our favourite movies that we will always love, cherish and rewatch for decades to come. So without further ado let's crack on and see what movies left their mark on my memories in 2017.....

Tuesday, 16 January 2018


Wild Eye Releasing kick off the new year by releasing the award winning sci-fi that is in the tradition of Blade Runner, and starring Jane Badler (V, V : The Final Battle, Mission : Impossible) and Mike Dupod (X-Men : Days of Future, Mission :Impossible – Ghost Protocol), that Nerdly call:

 ‘’a classic neo-noir that will make you gasp in wonder’’


Behind every good film there is a studio and behind every studio there is a very wealthy boss. But what if that studio boss was part of something bigger? What if the movie mogul served to the thirsty viewing public a hidden meaning, a hidden agenda, tactical promoting or an easy and cheap advertising campaign directed at the world of conspiracy theorists? Whatever the case, consider yourself well and truly ‘Aliced’ as I take you down the rabbit hole of conspiracy nuts, the Eye of Horus, Werecats and pyramids. Strap yourself in, it’s going to be a hypnotic ride!

Before the World Wide Web conspiracy theorists’ (Truth Seekers) tales never travelled further than their local tavern garden, but since the world was introduced to the Internet conspiracies have grown in reach, magnitude and colours. Gone are the days of stories of the government covering up UFO landings and alien abductions; today’s multi-layered conspiracies involve secret groups controlling the world via the media and Lizard People, aka ‘Reptilians’, running the world.

Monday, 15 January 2018


If you are a Anime fan or a Manga fan there is no doubt you would have heard of TOKYO GHOUL.
Now that world comes to you in the form of a live-action movie directed by Kentarô Hagiwara and it is equal parts thrilling as it is gruesome.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Film Review: THE 13TH FRIDAY (2017)

THE 13th FRIDAY * U.S.A. 2017 Dir: Justin Price 95 mins

When a group of friends enter a house possessed by a demon they end up being drawn into a deadly game that requires 13 sacrifices to appease the demon. When they fail in this task the demon turns its attention to the group itself. This is littered with hundreds of references to so many horror movies both the classics and the not so. With levitations straight out of The Exorcist, a puzzle box from Hellraiser, numerous (awful) jump scare attempts and a twisted/crawling Samara type figure from The Ring,  it has everything you've already seen in every recent horror movie with the added bonus of it being totally devoid of any originality or talent.

Film Review: MACHINE BABY (2014) (Short Film)

MACHINE BABY **** USA 2014 Dir: Sean Richard Budde 11 mins

Pursuing the current Miss California (Allie Long) en route to her hoped-for Miss America triumph, paparazzo Sean McGill is caught and captured by her peculiarly accented manager (Christian Gray) and learns some surprising secrets of her sustained success in the beauty world: “We’ll win it as long as she keeps fuelling…”


They Came from another World. Time to Send them Back.

High Octane Pictures have released the sci-fi actioner BATTALION which is available now on VOD.

Pacific Rim meets Independence Day in writer-director Michael Miller’s special effects thrill ride filmed in Queensland, Australia.


Thursday, 11 January 2018

Film Review: THE EVIL IN US (2016)

THE EVIL IN US *** Canada 2016 Dir: Jason William Lee 91 mins

Surprisingly few reviewers picked up on the punning title of this unsubtle but subversive Canadian feature, which takes an oft-used EVIL DEAD-inspired set-up (college kids killing each other while under a malevolent influence at a rural retreat) and uses it as an excuse to commentate on our crumbling 21st century world- and particularly the rise of the right wing.


Witchfinder is here with another unboxing. Watch as he reveals the contents of the December 2017 Colossal Horror Crate in this latest unboxing video.

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