Thursday, 4 February 2016


'MISTER STITCHES' is a project that writer/director Michael Smith has been busy pushing to get made. This supernatural gang thriller will be greatly welcomed by horror and gang film fans.

Michael Smith has described it as:

 "a unique morality tale with a Twilight Zone twist that's set in an era far enough in the past to be the stuff of folklore yet you could visit the location today and feel the terror imprinted on the remains of the old house from that night eighty years ago".


Following a bank robbery in 1936 the gang now on the run decide to hold up in a remote farm, but soon they will discover the land takes care of its own.

The great news is that casting has begun and has interest from actors far and wide including Hollywood.

You can see a teaser trailer here.

Currently looking for investors to get the budget of $10,000 raised to make this 30 minute feature. But you can also help this project come to life by going to and buying some of the merchandise which includes a mug, bumper stickers and a t-shirt all adorned with the films title and a graphic image.

Be sure to 'LIKE' and 'SHARE' the Facebook page for more news on the film as it develops.

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