Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Film Review: CAMP DEATH III IN 2D! (2018)

CAMP DEATH III IN 2D! * Canada 2018 Dir: Matt Frame. 85 mins

Camp Crystal Meph (yep, that’s the best joke in the movie) reopens as – to quote the irate owner – “a retard petting zoo” decades after a series of murders committed by scurvy-afflicted madman Johann Van Damme. Her face reattached after an earlier encounter with the bald, disfigured killer, a lone survivor returns to settle the score.


Artsploitation has called upon the dark forces to release Argentinian genre maven Gonzalo Calzada's latest scripture-based gore fest, LUCIFERINA. Calzada (Resurrection, The Clairvoyant's Prayer) directs a visually explosive film where religion, innocence, repressed sexuality and evil build to a boil and spectacularly collide.  He has screened the film at festivals around the world, including FrightFest London, Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival, Fantaspoa and Cinepolcalypse, where Luciferina took home the award for Best Sexorcism Scene.


When people think of VHS-era SCREAM QUEENS three names come to mind: Linnea Quigley, Michelle Bauer and Brinke Stevens - the threesome of fear that sliced and seduced a generation of gorehounds and whose greatest hits can finally be seen in HD from the schlock-lovers at 88 Films!

Film Review: TOXIC SCHLOCK (2017)

TOXIC SCHLOCK ** UK 2017 Dir: Sam Mason-Bell & Tony Newton 81 mins

A group of 3 eco-terrorists calling themselves United Lives Matter unleash a green ooze into the sea and then go on the run. They hide up in a beach house belonging to one of the groups estranged brother. Little do they know that the beach house now belongs to a cross dressing widower, his childlike adult daughter and leather clad, dog masked gimp son simply called Brother. Still they are allowed to lodge at the house for a nominal fee of course. They hear on the radio news reports that their local area is being frequented by a serial killer known as the Seaside Strangler who is currently on the loose and getting closer to their beach house. Will the police catch this naked, body painted murderer or will the green ooze catch them up making the Seaside Strangler rather irrelevant?!!!!

Film Review: CONSPIRACY X (2018)

CONSPIRACY X ** UK 2018 Dir: Marina Akarepi, Britmic, Dustin Ferguson, Jason Impey, Kieran Johnston, Sam Mason-Bell, Martin W Payne, Noel J Rainford, Rob Ulitski, Michael J Epstein. 100 mins

An anthology movie from the hugely prolific stable of producer / co-director / co-star Sam Mason-Bell, whose past flirtations with found footage include INDUSTRIAL ANIMALS. Jessica Hunt is hosting a documentary in search of answers to popular conspiracies, gathering with her crew and the aloof editor of “New Thinker” at the home of ex-military intelligence officer Martin W Payne, now a conspiracy theorist happy to confirm that we should all be alarmed about chemtrails, the moon landing hoax and UFOs.

Monday, 19 November 2018


Cellar Door Productions has arrived at the American Film Market with the first trailer and new stills for GHOST IN THE GRAVEYARD.

The debut feature of filmmaker Charlie Comparetto, GHOST IN THE GRAVEYARD centers on a small town under siege from the ghost of a local girl who died tragically during a childhood game.


NETFL!X AND KILL is back. Following the success of the first season of the web-series, award-winning filmmaker Kate Shenton is now launching a crowdfunding
campaign for Season Two.

Film Review: DARK PUNCH (2018)

DARK PUNCH * USA 2018 Dir: Nadim Tebyanian. 84 mins

Clad in a white wife beater, sporting a goatee and long hair like a member of Hanson gone to seed, Joe Mayes portrays an unhinged drifter whose therapy sessions (with this year’s least convincing movie psychiatrist) frame the picture. While his shrink tries to understand what turns him on and why he became an unrepentant killer, Mayes mumbles through a drab voiceover about what a shit life he has: “I’m not a murderer, I’m a bastard”.


As the title suggests this is a list of the new releases coming out in the U.K., week beginning 19th November 2018. This is the new genre releases that could be of interest for you this week.

Film Review: WE KNOW YOU ARE HOME (2018) (Short Film)

WE KNOW YOU ARE HOME *** USA 2018 Dir: Andrew J.D. Robinson. 17 mins

Director Andrew J.D. Robinson adapts his earlier short TRICK ‘R TREAT for this beguiling Halloween night chiller, with a fine performance by Julie Landriault as a young woman who gets a housesitting gig that comes with a set of very specific rules: keep to the main floor of the house and don’t bring along a friend.