DEAL feature film.

Brenton Foale is looking for help to get his screenplay DEAL made into a feature length movie. Currently looking to get $25,000 in donations to get his vision made, by donating just $5 you will get a thank you message, by donating $2,000 gets you a private screening and added extras.The synopsis for the movie is as follows:

Stephanie is an attractive young lady, with an opportunity to attend one of the best modeling schools in the world, but her finances are strained. Dean, living on borrowed time, wants nothing more than to reunite with his daughter again after being out of her life for 18 years. Fiona struggles to raise her baby daughter while her alcoholic husband is unemployed. Jarrod needs guidance to become a man, and find the courage to start a relationship with a beautiful girl from his high school days. Each person must ask themselves, what would they do, how far will they go, to get what they want.

The trailer can be found by clicking here.

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