Horrorscreams Videovault Pledge

Our aim for ‘Horrorscreams Videovault’ is to try and bring you fresh new trailers from today’s horror, cult and exploitation films. But to also show you the trailers from years gone by. So many films have been made over the years and there is still so many that need to be shown the light of day. Sure you can find some of these films on (unmentioned) sites across the internet. Some are in the public domain and can be released just about anyone with the right skills, money and time. There is also companies such as Arrow, Shameless Screen Entertainment, Shock Factory and many others that are bringing these (sometimes) lost films back into the public eye. Great for horror aficionados across the world. Be sure to look out for trailers from indie horrors as these are the film makers that could be the future of our genre.

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