Monday, 18 May 2015

THE NAME I KNOW  *** USA 2015 Dir: Preston Corbell. 6 mins

Mental health is an issue which a staggering amount of people suffer with. There is those that have got issues and go about their day with out anyone really knowing what problems they may have. Then there is the people like the man in Preston Corbell's 'THE NAME I KNOW' that have undesirable thoughts and would make them a social outcast due to mental health being so taboo.
At a running time of
no more then 6 minutes 29 seconds this short film has covered a lot of issues that sufferers of mental illness go through on a day by day basis.
The thought processes of the man in this film can be heard over the action in a disoriented voice which can sometimes sound disturbing. The action itself allows viewers to feel the characters pain allowing you to become involved. Cleverly shot and in a way that sometimes makes you feel you are that man, Preston Corbell has managed to do in a short what so many film makers have done before on a larger scale but failed at.
For those that don't understand mental health or you have a friend or family member that you find difficult to understand, this film may help you in some ways.

Reviewed by Peter 'Witchfinder' Hopkins

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