It is always a joy when Shameless Screen Entertainment have a release announced and even more so when it gets released. Coming out 18th of May 2015, THE SISTER OF URSULA will be a sought after release with the usual double sided sleeve that Shameless do.


After the death of their father, a traumatised Ursula (Barbara Magnolfi, SUSPIRIA) and her sister Dagmar (Stefania D Amario, ZOMBIE) check into a plush hotel on the picturesque bay of Naples. Soon, beautiful women start dying in the most bizarre gory manner. All post-coitus.The already disturbed Ursula starts having visions: apparently seeing through the eyes of a black-clad voyeur who observes his prey having sex.. Heightening the giallo genre with the Sleaze-O-meter cranked up to 11 – à la ‘Spinal Tap’ – the story plays out straight-faced however, here, the film s outrageous intensity stems from the stream of beautiful women stripping and pleasuring themselves, or each other, or some happy bloke, in an eye-popping gamut of sex: sapphic, straight, bent, oneiric, usually murderous… In a candid interview, writer-director Milioni guarantees that this is his own full uncut edit with all the eroticism he intended! He should know: Defying ALL political correctness, URSULA was made to skirt hardcore and started the ultra-rarified Porno-Giallo genre.

At a running time of 91 minutes this will be one film you won’t want to miss out on. Pre-order now at Shameless-Films.

The Sister Of Ursula (Trailer)

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