BAD MEAT **** Canada 2011 80 mins

Following a production that left the movie without its original director (Rob Schmidt) or an ending, BAD MEAT somehow evolved into one of the year’s most interesting straight to DVD horror movies, despite being as messy and undisciplined as the equally troubled and underrated CABIN FEVER 2. Wayward teenagers are routinely pissed on and beaten at a grim boot camp overseen by a latter-day Adolf Hitler, and things get worse when an infected stew turn the already-brutish staff into animalistic predators.
Wasting no time in showing gorgeous heroine Elizabeth (POINT PLEASANT) Harnois in her pants, BAD MEAT refuses to behave: at a relatively early stage, a chained dog is beaten to a pulp with a shovel. Its tone typified by the sequence in which a predatory female in full PVC S & M gear fucks a big black guy in the ass with a lubed-up strap-on before the two vomit in each others’ mouths, this is a refreshingly warped, sick mash-up of John Waters and American slasher movies. Outstanding grotesque make-up FX go a long way to distracting you from the fact that there is no real ending.

Review by Steven West

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