A fantastic new project is on the horizon, best described as ”Evil Dead 2 meets Poltergeist” this project will need some help getting off the ground. 
That is where you, our loyal readers come to hand as by using any form of social media you can think of the ‘GHOSPTPUNCHER’ team would you like you to help people get aware of this movie so they can secure finance and get into production a.s.a.p.
The synopsis is as follows:

“One man, three ghosts, two fists.”

Ghostpuncher is the story of a single father and his son who move into a house that is EXTREMELY haunted by three spirits known as The Collombelles (a mother and her two daughters who were serial killers in 1897.)
At first the ghosts are playful and harmless, but when the spirits become menacing, eventually possessing dad, the son turns to the ONLY place he can think of for help… THE INTERNET.
There he finds a desperate, down and out exorcist calling himself the “Ghostpuncher” who claims to have a gift that allows him to PUNCH ghosts and send them BACK to the netherworld. He is willing to perform this exorcism, for a price of course, but quickly discovers the ghosts in the house won’t go down without a bloody fight.

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It even has its own theme tune that you can check out below:

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