GRAVE VENGEANCE (a.k.a. HUNTING SEASON) ** 2000 U.S.A. Director: Jeff Leroy

A woman gets back at the rapists that ruined her idyllic camping trip with her boyfriend, that my friends is the film wrapped up nicely. Paying homage to movies such as ‘Southern Comfort’ and most notably ‘I Spit On Your Grave’ this film keeps you entertained if just for how corny it is.
The film starts off with 3 guys out hunting who relay the story of what we are about to watch……
After her boyfriend is put in the hospital following her rape our buxom relic hunter wannabe Sarah (Cindy Pena) makes it her mission to track down the men who raped her allowing us viewers to see just how buxom she is.
On with the leather vest and tight clothing and she is off in to the woods slicing and dicing these men, leaving no twig unsnapped as she fires off arrow after arrow. Throw in a bit of ‘PREDATOR’ style traps and this is one girl you really don’t want to mess with. Our rapee hunts down all the men and kills them 1 by 1 in an attempt to exact her revenge. All this bringing us neatly to the end where it is revealed she had killed the wrong guys as the local sheriff (who has an uncanny Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts look to him) has arrested her rapists, and now wants to arrest her for killing the wrong men in the woods. Here the sheriff gets a bit trigger happy and shoots her in the face and she runs off into the woods never to be seen again until…..we come away from our flashback story with the 3 guys from the beginning and they go hunting where she is waiting for them!
This was a fun film with some decently done special effects and had some comic value most notably from the random birdwatchers injected into the film halfway through for (presumably) comic value as they argue over whether the noise they heard was an assault rifle or a woodpecker. Her response to him saying she is an idiot is “you promised you wouldn’t call me stupid any more”, his classic response “well, I didn’t call you stupid. I called you a fucking idiot”.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder’ Hopkins

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