PROFILE OF A KILLER **** USA 2012 Director: Caspian Tredwell-Owen 108 Mins

‘PROFILE OF A KILLER’ is not your usual psychological thriller.
Directed by one of the co-writers of the 2005 film ‘THE ISLAND’, Caspian Tredwell-Owen makes a striking directorial debut.
The film revolves around a killer who the press name the H-61 killer due to the fact the bodies are found down by highway 61. As more bodies are found the police get more baffled and call in former FBI profiler Saule Aitken (Gabriele Angieri),who looks like a cross between Brian Cox and Robert De Niro, to help with the case. His remarkable ability to enter the inner psyche of a killer is one tool that the local police need and could also be Saul’s downfall.

While investigating Saul is abducted by our killer from his hotel room and this is where the film takes a turn, as the killer is revealed to be a young man called David. David wants Saul to profile him so he can be noticed as it is revealed by David he has had a normal childhood and there isn’t anything else that will get him noticed. Thus begins the cat and mouse story as Saul must get David profiled before he kills anybody else. The actor playing David (Joey Pollari) is remarkable as he can go from one minute child like innocence to cold killing serial killer.  With a beginning and ending that is surprising this is a sleeper film that should be more recognised. If your expecting a blood soaked thriller this isn’t for you as this is more thought provoking, I for one can find no flaws with this movie.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder’ Hopkins

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