ZOMBEAVERS **** USA 2014 Dir: Jordan Rubin. 85 mins

Scripted by the clever movie-parodists (Jon & Al Kaplan) responsible for SILENCE OF THE LAMBS: THE MUSICAL (and its stand-out track “If I Could Smell Your Cunt”), this loveable gimmick-movie sees a trio of sorority sisters having their man-free country break ruined by both horny boyfriends and toxic waste-spawned monster beavers, initiating a were-beaver plague and a Romero-esque siege scenario.
Every available opportunity is exploited for a beaver-themed pun or joke (“I’ve never seen a real beaver up close!”), and the title song – which quite rightly rhymes “golden retrievers” with beavers – is itself a show stopper, but ZOMBEAVERS most importantly balances the required cheap jokes, boobs and creature feature gore with unusually funny and appealing protagonists. Beyond the knowing one-liners and clichés, it’s a movie that understands the one-joke nature of its deliberately absurd premise but transcends it thanks to a witty script, game performances and hugely engaging non-CG monsters that resemble Roland Rat on crack. The transformation of the beaver-bitten human characters and a dick-biting sequence strongly recall the New Zealand splatter flick BLACK SHEEP, but this has superior gore gags and a higher laugh rate.

Review by Steven West

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