Terrifier feature film raising funds.

Remember the film ‘ALL HALLOWS EVE’ (review here) and that creepy clown, well Art is back.
Used as part of the anthology in ‘ALL HALLOWS EVE’, it followed a young woman who witnesses a gas station attendant being brutally murdered by a clown on Halloween night. What ensues is a game of cat and mouse as the sinister clown relentlessly stalks and attacks the woman as she desperately tries to escape.

Well it appears that was only a tease of things to come as the director Damien Leone is currently raising funds via Indiegogo to make ‘TERRIFIER’ a feature length film based around Art the maniacal clown.

With plenty of perks available and most get your name in the credits this is a project worth contributing to. Currently wanting to raise $15,000, it is a target that is reachable if every fan of this clown contributes.

You can contribute to the making of this film right here.

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