Sunday, 2 August 2015


In 2012 the doors to 'SLASHER HOUSE' were opened as the main character RED was chased in a deadly game of cat and mouse.........

Well now those very doors are being re-opened.......welcome to 'SLASHER HOUSE 2', which is best described as 'The Raid' meets 'SAW' via the 1980's slashers.

'SLASHER HOUSE 2' plot is as follows:

Red arrives in London to find that serial killers have been disappearing for days. Along with computer genius Luse and a stripper named Amber, Red finds herself caught in the crossfire when they investigate a series of murders at a private hospital, where Amber and a young girl named Molly are kidnapped. Red tracks them to a factory on the outskirts of town and begins an assault as she tries to save the two girls before its too late. But the factory holds a dark secret that will lead her to a much greater nightmare.

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