THE DEVIL OF KREUZBERG *** Germany 2015 DIR: Alexander Bakshaev 48 Mins

Two lovers (Linda and Jakob) are happy together until one night Jakob experiences nightmares of Linda appearing as a seductive creature. Troubled by what he has saw, Jakob turns to his friend Kurt to kill Linda and hopefully end these horrific dreams, but this is only the beginning of his troubles as he descends into madness. Kurt must now choose to do as his friend wants and kill Linda or put his killing ways behind him.

Director Alexander Bakshaev has managed to make this short film atmospheric throughout and with an exceptional soundtrack very much in the style of 1970/80s Italian movies. At times the film echoes the Giallo genre with its pace and lighting whilst pulling you in with its artistic camera angles. Main character Kurt (Suleyman Yuceer) is sublime throughout and really holds the film together alongside his other cast members.If budget was not an issue I would have liked to have seen what the director would have done to make this as a feature length.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder’ Hopkins

You can buy the film and support the film makers here.

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