KILLER RACK *** USA 2015 Dir: Gregory Lamberson 97 mins

This comedy musical horror written by Paul Mcginnis will have you laughing from beginning to end, and if it doesn’t you will at least be humming one of the songs in the movie on your drive to work. Well done all round and directed by SLIME CITYdirector Gregory Lamberson. Betty (Jessica Zwolak) is a girl who suffers from low self-esteem, probably much to do with her beer drinking boyfriend and the cleavage enhanced women she works with at Double D Collections (proudly handling your assets, as the sign says) then anything else.
After seeing an advert on television for plastic surgery, Betty decides to go visit the surgery whos Dr. Thulu is played by one Debbie Rochon . Unfortunately for Betty, Dr. Thulu isn’t quite as qualified as she seems, for one she worships H.P.Lovecraft’s elder gods and wants to bring them back to the world to rule. To do this she implants our flat chested Betty with flesh eating breasts that put Bobbie Bresee’s breasts in the 1983 film ‘MAUSOLEUM’ to shame! Thus begins our journey of gore and whores as Betty and her killer rack devour there way through the movies cast, to reach her ultimate goal of ruling the world. But will she, or will a gallant man step in to save the day and show Betty that she was beautiful just the way she was? Sure to be a hit with fans of Troma films (which this film just happens to star Lloyd Kaufman himself), along with buckets of blood, cleavage that will leave your mouth watering and full of characters that have their own self-awareness in the movie, especially the police.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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