Film Review: THE DISCO EXORCIST (2011)

THE DISCO EXORCIST *** USA 2011 Dir: Richard Griffin 80 mins

Get those hands clapping and those feet stomping as it is time for you to get down and and groovy with ‘THE DISCO EXORCIST’. When Rex Romanski (Michael Reed, ‘Dark Feed’) a disco swinging ladies man leaves Rita Marie played by ‘Nun Of That’sRuth Sullivan – for his new squeeze, the porn actress Amoreena Jones, Rita Marie takes her revenge on the stud by using voodoo to possess Amoreena and rampage across town killing. Can Rex save the soul and very life of his new girl Amoreena before it is too late?

This comedy horror was made in the style of a 1970’s grindhouse film and uses possibly every element you can think of to do just that with its $20,000 budget. The music composed for this film has the perfect 70’s vibe that helps this movie move along steadily with its raunchiness and blood gushing. Think of the Confessions films (e.g. Confessions Of A Window Cleaner e.t.c.) with its comedy and the god fearing ways of 70’s horror films, chuck it in a bag with the sauciness of Marilyn Chambers, pour it out and you get ‘THE DISCO EXORCIST’. Fans of grindhouse look out for plenty of references to other films, most notably the disc jockey in the disco using the line “Put your weight on it” from the film ‘Disco Godfather‘ (1979). A disco fueled thrill ride that is off the hook.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins


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