Thursday, 11 January 2018

Film Review: DEAD KANSAS (2013)

DEAD KANSAS *** U.S.A. 2013 Dir: Aaron K. Carter 64 mins

When a zombie apocalypse breaks out, man must do what is best for himself. But when the fate of mankind is in jeopardy due to no food and no more babies being born, some are willing to trade a woman to create a baby in exchange for food. Emma lives with her dad and are comfortable at their farmhouse when Jebediah and his redneck friends decide to come by and try to kidnap Emma. Her father is not going to let that happen and kills Jebediah's friends. Now that threat is gone a new threat comes from the sky as a twister hits the farm forcing Emma and her father to go to the cellar for protection.
The twister now gone, Emma's father gets out and is attacked by the dead who bites him and he ends up chopping his arm off, leaving Emma to take her father to a place where a bunch of circus freaks live to hopefully get medical attention. She learns that the doctor lives miles away and she must go to the doctor in hopes of bringing him back to her father to help. Once at the doctors with one of the circus freaks he refuses to go due to the fact he is in a wheelchair and has no way of getting there. Jebediah and his cronies turn up and kick the crap out of the doctors caretaker and Emma's friend and kidnap Emma. She is soon rescued but where do they go from here. Emma is played by 2 different actresses as you will see when you watch 'DEAD KANSAS'. I believe this not to be an intentional choice by the director but a case of scheduling conflicts. I found the second actress did a better job, but this is just my preference. The actor who plays Jebediah does a great job of being the antagonist and not being over the top in his ways. Though you rarely see a zombie, the director has made a choice due to budgetary constraints to have us see through the eyes of a zombie, this is shown in black and white. A micro-budget zombie film split in to five acts in a running time of 64 minutes that manages to explore human emotions and have a story you are interested in.

Review by Peter 'Witchfinder' Hopkins

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