When criticism of faith and the freedom to offend is outlawed by the politically correct militia, Bella and her gang of cyberpunk friends decide to go door to door to push Darwinism, but with agnostic thugs in the streets and the A.R.A. (Atheist Revolutionary Army) attacking the liberal establishment, Bella and her friends are driven underground into a dark fetish existence, where the future and past collide, allegiances are strained and old scores must be settled.
This British indie film was made over 2 years and with more money then you think, but what is money when you want to create art. First time director Louis Joon went straight ahead with making a feature length film and bypassed short film making to hone his craft. What we end up with is a tongue in cheek look at religion and what really is it people think Atheism is. Sure it has rather lovely looking people in the film but don’t let that distract you from the film itself as it has plenty of messages coming across, which ones you pick up on will say much about you as a person. One of the great characters in the film is ‘Phil’ a philosophical tramp who has a great viewpoint on life and religion. So next time you see that homeless person just stop and think what is their views on everything. Those who listen to heavy metal should look out for the Rob Halford (Judas Priest vocalist) look-alike who works for the A.R.A. Overall a well done thought provoking artsy British indie film that sets out to push what people think of different religions. Does it do it? Well that is for you too decide.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

To find out more about this movie go here: http://www.gothsploitation.co.uk/

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