SOLDIERS OF THE DAMNED *** U.K. 2015 Dir: Mark Nuttall 99 mins

With all of the Nazi zombie horror movies coming out in recent times you would be forgiven to just look at this as just another in that realm. ‘SOLDIERS OF THE DAMNED‘ though has done something different, yes it follows a group of Nazi soldiers and yes they are dealing with the occult but they are on a quest. Led by Major Kurt Fleischer they must escort Nazi scientist Professor Anna Kappel deep behind enemy lines into the Romanian forests to retrieve an ancient relic that Heinrich Himmler believes will give them great power and make the Nazi’s an even more superior race.
Unfortunately as you can imagine things don’t go quite to plan as each member of the group experience supernatural happenings in the forest and may end up dead. Having to contend with this unknown presence, Russian snipers and a snarky SS soldier leads us to a somewhat mediocre ending. It does have moments where it feels a bit long and you can’t help but think the editor went to make a cup of tea. The only thing that I really found annoying was that being a British led film they could have at least put on (or tried to have) a German accent, as at times you do tend to forget they are Germans and not a British group of soldiers out for a stroll. The film has its saving graces though as it is well acted throughout and is a British horror that is directed like a high budget film with no Nazi zombies attached.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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