SUDDEN REALITY *** U.S.A. 2015 Dir: Matthan Harris 17 mins

Matthan Harris produced, directed, acted in and co-wrote this short film about obsession. In it he plays a college student called Josh who has been obsessed with a girl called Sandra since a young age. Never having the guts to go and ask her out he often daydreams about her and imagines being with her in more ways then one. After seeing her with another guy, Josh’s best friend Kevin tells him to stop living for something that may not happen and move on. Josh indeed takes his friends advice and burns photos of his love interest, thinking if the reminders aren’t there he can move on easier. (SPOILER ALERT)
This seems easy until he finds out that Sandra is now dating his friend Kevin. Well as you can imagine this doesn’t sit well with Josh and when Sandra comes around to surprise Kevin with some chocolates Josh makes a play for her but seeing her as a demon ends up killing her. With little time on his hands to get rid of the body he wraps her up and puts her in his closet. Kevin later sees Josh walking away from home and goes to investigate the house. On Josh’s arrival back home he sees the police and runs, unfortunately he gets caught and arrested and put in to a mental hospital. After all, his rantings of Sandra being a demon and thats why he killed her, hardly seems sane (END SPOILERS). This short thriller drama is well shot throughout and the acting is superb from everyone involved. Matthan Harris has directed a short film in a good way that looks and feels like a feature film. What he can do with a longer script, budget etc remains to be seen, but definitely keep an eye out on this rising star.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder’ Hopkins

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