A very anti social guy who only muses about living an extraordinary life, soon finds himself in a peculiar situation. His life is thrown from boring and safe into exciting and dangerous. It begins with him having vivid dreams about a murder taking place in a cemetery. Upon him interfering in the dream world the real world events are altered. How does he do this? Why is this happening to him? This can’t be real can it? Also is e the only one who can do this? Is there another and if so are they good or bad?

This was an interesting read as far as that when you are reading you can’t help but make comparisons to either your own life or someone you know. I am sure we have all had dreams where we do something and then experience the dream in real life and just dismiss it as deja-vu. But what if you could control your life through your dreams and can control others destinies, that is what the character in Imran Najafi’s ‘DREAMS‘ can do. The author has done a good job at describing what the character sees and feels and this gets you involved. Unfortunately the book is only 23 pages long and there is no definitive end but that is what the author likes to do. To get you involved with the book and then at a turn of a page the book ends leaving you wanting more. It is a great idea and one that could be used more if the author decides to write a longer book. A good read, only faults I found is that it has a few spelling mistakes throughout but don’t let that deter you from picking up this involving book.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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