The people behind this movie are planning to make the first ever American 2-D animated horror movie with a cast of genre favourites.

As you can the faces should be familiar to all who love horror or sci-fi as each have appeared in several T.V shows and movies.

‘MALEVOLENT’ is about a young woman named Miriam DeKalb (Dani Lennon, FearNet/Machinima’s BITE ME) who works for a non-profit which promotes global peace initiatives. When her billiionaire sociopath father Cyrus (Ray Wise) learns he is dying, Cyrus calls Miriam and her three siblings together to “discuss his will.” However, what he actually has planned is to pronounce judgment on them all. They are, in his view, traitors, and he has grisly death traps planned for each of them. 

The wrinkle: a race of intergalactic gamblers, who wager on human conflicts as bloody sport, have chosen Miriam as their protagonist for this match. Thus the entire situation is being manipulated by the Gamemaster (Morena Baccarin,) who has the power to reverse time and reconfigure events as they play out. And so the playing field is constantly changing under Miriam’s feet — sometimes to her benefit, but usually, not. Through it all, The Overseer (William Shatner) calls the game. 

The people behind ‘MALEVOLENT’ describe it as “Saw” meets “Groundhog Day.” 

Now this is where you come in as they are trying to raise $45,000 (which they have so far raised $27,444) to help finish off the movie. There is plenty of perks for donating which you can find out here:–2#/ 

Also if you go through the link above you can watch a teaser trailer and get a feel of the movie itself, you won’t be disappointed.

Of course you can find them on Facebook and FOLLOW them on Twitter @MalevolentMovie

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