Tuesday, 22 March 2016


Hood Up Films are coming up to their release date for their film 'CAPTIVE' (review here) and there seems to be no slowing down as they are now part of the production team behind 'INVADED' along side Citizen Skull Productions.

'INVADED' is set to go go into pre-production around September of this year with a script penned by Garry Moore who will also be directing.


Haunted by an attack two years previous, Joy has become obsessed with protecting her girls. But her obsession has made her a slave to security, never venturing outside after dark and not letting her daughters have the freedom to socialize with friends.
Despite her best efforts to protect them, her younger daughter takes her own life because a gang of Hoodies led by the psychopathic Nads have been abusing her. The gang are questioned by police, but without
evidence are free to continue making life hell on the estate for the residents.
Then the gang begin to target Joy and Sarah. The harassment begins as telephone calls and urinating through the letterbox but soon escalates culminating into a kidnap attempt on Sarah which Joy just manages to thwart. Once again the police are powerless to make arrests. But the gang are just warming up and one night break into the house and Joy’s worst nightmare comes true. Joy and Sarah are repeatedly gang raped. The gang are arrested but without evidence they are quickly freed and back on the streets. Continually let down by the police and desperate
for justice Joy and Sarah take matters into their own hands and seek out each gang member to elicit their own kind of retribution – Torture, Pain and Death.

Described as a revenge thriller this is a film with a strong production team behind it and will be a film to keep an eye out for.

When a trailer is released we will be sure to keep you posted. If you want to follow the project yourself then 'LIKE' them on Facebook and 'FOLLOW' them on Twitter @InfoInvaded

Check out both the production teams websites also as you may come across other films either made or being made that may interest you.

Hood Up Films http://www.hoodupfilms.com/

Citizen Skull Productions http://citizenskull.com/index.html

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