Thursday, 15 March 2018

Film Review: PI DAY DIE DAY (2016)

PI DAY DIE DAY *** U.S.A. 2016 92 mins Dir : Michael E.Cullen II

'PI DAY DIE DAY' centres around Euclid High School in a small Ohio town when a serial killer begins murdering kids from the school. Director Michael E Cullen II would describe his film as a slashomedy and in some aspects he would be right in doing so, though the humour does die halfway through. Kayla Elizabeth (NEW BLOOD RISING) is the bitchy girl that we all have experienced at school and with her group of friends pick on Gabrielle the lonely nerdy girl who has to deal with these bitchy girls on a day to day basis. The schools big day is on its way and with it the annual pie eating contest, because what else would you do on 'Pi Day'. In the peaceful town all hell is about to break loose as a serial killer is going around killing off the students one by one leaving bodies everywhere and the police no step closer to capturing the killer.
Ari Lehman known to most people as the first Jason Voorhees stars as principal Hayward who declares that the school will be shut for a few days, allowing students to mourn the death of their fellow students. Of course when you find that your friends have died the first thing you think of doing is having a party right? Well that is exactly what happens here as they hold their party with sex and drink on the table, unfortunately one person gate crashes the party and seeks to kill all those who stand in the way leaving the killer and Gabrielle to face off at the end. Will the killer get to kill everyone? Will the nerdy mathematics girl Gabrielle survive? Would you have worked out who the killer is before the film finishes? All these questions are answered within the 92 minutes of 'PI DAY DIE DAY' which isn't a bad film but has its flaws, one being that the killer is so obvious and the 'red herring' is not a red herring at all. There is little blood to be seen in this film but the script is written well enough that you don't need to see the red sticky stuff to know the fate of those students. The characters are pretty realistic to what todays society has become with the dumb down kids thinking certain things are true and because the internet says it, it must be true. You will laugh at some of the outlandish things these students come out with. Not the greatest of slasher films but one that you will enjoy for the characters alone.

Review by Peter 'Witchfinder' Hopkins

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