SERIAL KALLER ** U.K. 2014 90 mins Dir : Dan Brownlie

A British slasher film which focuses a lot on bras and what lies within. Opening with a shot of Suzi Lorraine doing the classic “oh it’s you” type slasher moment before a bad experience with a heel. We then go back 30 years where we see a British milf on the phone trying to get more money to fulfill her cosmetic surgery obsession, unfortunately she dies during the surgery. Her son who was earlier described as retarded by his own Mum (aww family love) goes a bit mental when some people come to look after him. Now back to the present where we get to enjoy the visual delights of Dani Thompson finishing up her shift on a babe call in show (which she actually has done in real life).
With a bit of drama going on between one of the girls and Lee, who is basically the tea boy of the company. Debbie Rochon shows up for a job at the company, gets turned down and off she goes after being shown the company grounds. After all being turned down for a job the first thing you want to do after is see the place that you could have worked at. A bit more bitchy chatting amongst the girls and we soon get to another kill. Some more phone calls, tits on show, whiny sexy voices and more bodies piling up we soon get to our climax. Now at the end of the film Debbie Rochon is revealed (if you couldn’t have already guessed) as the culprit going around stabbing and bludgeoning to death the cast and crew of the Babealicious station. In what has got to be possibly one of the longest explanations as to why she was doing just that, Debbie Rochon goes off on her tangent looking like a crossdressing Robert Smith (of ‘The Cure‘ fame) who has had a crazy night out drinking. Not spoiler material at all, but it is revealed that she is in fact the boy at the beginning of the film who has had many cosmetic operations to make himself look like a woman, except for her/his junk is still there. Unfortunately for all the scream queens attached to what could have made it a memorable film it is little more then a tits and ass parade with a little bit of blood thrown in. It is well directed and it has its moments where you will laugh. If you want a horror film that has you just looking at beautiful women (with some exceptions) and don’t want much story then go pick up ‘SERIAL KALLER‘.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

Author: Peter 'Witchfinder' Hopkins

Founder and Editor in Chief of Horror Screams Video Vault

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