How many Swedish horror movies can you name off the top of your head? Not many I would say unless you searched the internet. Well that is all set to change as Bloody Fierce Productions are planning on putting Swedish horror back on the map.
SARGAD‘ (a.k.a. WOUNDED) is their latest horror feature film and they need your help making this revenge movie a reality.  

‘Sargad’ is about a young woman, Elina, that drives out to a cabin with her mother and younger sister to spread her dad’s ashes. The family used to live in the cabin when they were younger and thinks it is the perfect place to get their dad to rest in peace. They encounter three men that will make their weekend at the cabin a living hell….and yes it will be brutal.

Sargad is an homage to revenge movies like I Spit on Your grave and Last House on the left, but we will have our own twist on it. 

They are aiming to raise 21,000 krona which is approximately £1763. So as you can see it will be a modest budget but one they are hoping to achieve with your help. You can donate to their kickstarter here.
As is usual with these things there are perks and one of them is to be credited as a producer. You can do this by donating 2500 krona (£210) or more and you will credited as a producer and get all the other perks included.
You can of course donate as much as you want and with each amount you will get the designated perk for that donation.
There is a few teasers you can check out on the kickstarter page so why not go view them and then you can decide if this is a movie you would like to see made with your help.
Keep independent horror alive and donate today.

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