Tuesday, 26 April 2016


Those pesky vampires are back for the third and final film in Chad Zuver's 'NEW BLOOD' series of films. 'DESCENDING' will pick up straight after the events of the second film 'NEW BLOOD AWAKENING' which will be released prior to production beginning on 'DESCENDING'.

The film will be directed by one of the stars of the series of films Kayla Elizabeth who will be making her directorial debut.


One year after all the vampires were killed off, there is only one powerful vampire left, Cassandra (Katelynn Newberry), and she's been hiding. Now she's back to seek revenge on Karver (Thomas Sloan) and Paige (Melissa Zahs) for killing of the rest of her kind.

The film also stars veteran actors Lynn Lowry (I DRINK YOUR BLOOD, THE CRAZIES, SHIVERS) and Alex Vincent (CHILD'S PLAY).

Now for this film to be made they need the loyal horror community to contribute towards their indiegogo campaign which you can find here:


They hope to raise $15,000 and as always with these sort of campaigns there is plenty of perks to choose from.

Find them on Facebook and Twitter @FilmsShattered

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