SORORITY BABES IN THE SLIMEBALL BOWL-O-RAMA Aka : The Imp. *** USA 1988 Dir: David DeCoteau. 80 mins

Three losers  – a fat slob and two buff guys wearing nerdy glasses – stumble across a raunchy sorority initiation ritual, in which the likes of Brinke Stevens and Michelle Bauer spray each other with whipped cream and thwack each other’s bums with bats (moments trimmed from the original UK video release by the BBFC!). The initiation process also involves breaking into the local bowling alley, where the gang unwittingly unleash an irritating, stop-motion imp (voice and mannerisms modelled on Audrey II from LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS) who grants them the usual doomed wishes.
With an impressive dedication to stripping its scream queens at every available opportunity, this flimsy but likeable horror comedy is big on boobs and hugely enlivened by Linnea Quigley’s tough-talking turn as a small time criminal dismissed as a “punk dyke” by the other girls. The show is stolen, however, by Buck Flower as the deaf bowling alley janitor who gets locked in his own closet and says family-friendly things like “This thing’s shut tighter than a nun’s cunt!” Too bad the imp itself is too full of itself and devoted to annoying post-modern gags (“Monster in the back seat? The oldest trick in the book!”).

Review by Steven West

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