THE SAND ** USA 2015 84 mins Dir: Isaac Gabaeff.

A group of interchangeable pretty boys and bikini babes on a Spring Break beach jaunt wake up hungover, find an over-sized hatched egg from the night before and realise something under the sand wants to eat them. Stuck on the beach with no phones and no working cars, these kids are caught up in a situation that mimics elements of THE RUINS, TREMORS, “The Raft” segment of CREEPSHOW 2 and  the largely forgotten (but more likeable BLOOD BEACH).
As with BLOOD BEACH, there is a very lengthy  build up to an underwhelming, brief reveal of the unexplained and sadly goofy (CG) creature. There’s no one to sympathise, and the casting of a fat black dude in service to comic relief is a low point: he spends the movie stuck in a trash can with a dick crudely drawn on his cheek. Some of the dialogue has an endearing B movie quality (“It hatched? It’s an egg? Like a monster?!!”) and Jamie Kennedy is fun as an ill-fated, insultingly sarcastic beach patrol guy, but there’s an over-reliance on cartoonish CG gore and a total lack of suspense despite the potential of the scenario.

Review by Steven West

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