DARK MATTER **** U.K. 2014 Dir: Maurice Smith 83 mins

Doctor James Reynolds (Dominic O’Flynn) is in a deep depression after the loss of his wife but when a meteorite crashes into his garden his life as he currently knows it is going to change. Will it be for the good or something far worse? Soon he realises that the meteorite contains organic material and he investigates this oddity to find that an alien being resides within.
Now given the opportunity to help the being and ease his loneliness he teaches her the ways of a human being (is that a good thing?) only to find out another being is also within his home. With his friend Valerie (Gina Purcell, TAINTED LOVE) he must now fight his own sanity, the real reason the aliens are here and the possibility his very existence maybe erased by ‘DARK MATTER‘. Maurice Smith has made a film which is hard to pin down into a genre as it steps across the blurred lines of sci-fi, horror, thriller, mystery and drama, so I guess you could say that this film has something for everyone. The special effects on the alien beings are great and makes for a good use of sunflower seeds on the main one played fantastically by Jamie-Jodie Shanks (Stella). Made on a budget that many wouldn’t even attempt making a feature film on, ‘DARK MATTER‘ is slow in places but the way the actors play their characters is superb and keeps you interested on whats going on throughout. A British indie film that shows what can be done with a small budget, big imagination and a cast that believes in the story.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

You can find more of Maurice Smith’s movies at: http://www.sexanddeath.eu/

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