Christmas is a time for happiness, time for you to gather around your family and friends and be thankful….well sometimes things just don’t go to plan.

One Stoplight Productions and Cullen Park Productions are teaming up for a second featured film. Having sought to produce Pi Day Die Day (review here) and releasing it on March 12, 2016, the two team’s have joined again to produce the second script written by Lindsey LaForest.  Being based off of popular Christmas traditions, we seek to once again entertain classic horror fans with a new mashup of classic horror styles.

Leading the cast and crew is, once again, Michael E. Cullen II in the role of Director.  This time around helping him in the Assistant Director role is Jamal Wallace Knight and in the role of Director of Photography is Zak Kolhoff of Zak Films.  Each having been involved with Pi Day Die Day is returning with the knowledge and skill sets gained during and since the original film in hopes of creating a bigger, better horror experience for the audience.


Private Gumdrop of Santa’s Special Ops has been sent on a mission to spy on the conduct of the little boys and girls of the world. What Santa didn’t expect was that his elf would transgress and terrorize the Montgomery family. Now the Montgomery family must decide how they will defeat an elf with the power of Kringle and conscience of Krampus.

Now this is where you come in…to make ‘SHELVED‘ possible they are doing a Indiegogo campaign and hope to raise $5000. This will go towards production costs, cast and crew etc. For your help there is plenty of perks.

 If you could help this film be made then donate whatever you can to the campaign here:


You could also share the campaign via social media: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/shelved/

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