Sunday, 26 June 2016


We all know the situation, you are watching a horror film the killer comes out of nowhere and you think to yourself "Why doesn't the victim just do.....?"

Well thanks to April Washko and her short film 'SHIT YOU'LL NEVER SEE IN: HORROR' you can now see what would happen if things were different.

You can check out the short film below.

April Washko had the following to say about why she made this short:

The concept was created by myself (April Washko). As an independent filmmaker, and one going the YouTube route (already tried the mainstream route and it's designed for big projects with investors who invest thousands if not millions these days) to cater to the new media audience, doing bite sized things that's never been done is difficult. And that's the name of my game, I absolutely hate seeing the same film 4 times with different titles and actors and locations you know? 

I ended up thinking, "Wait... Why don't I - quite literally - do what hasn't been done?"

So I went with that! And it seems to have a great response!

I work a lot with my friend and fellow independent film actress Ashley Gray for my channel, and I got in touch with my friend Jullienne Kriewald who is a writer, and we came up with some ideas of things you haven't seen in film anywhere. 

Horror was the first category we came up with! It's a genre we all enjoy and can think of lots to go there. 

Our other friend who is also an independent film actor and stand up comic Tony Tale came up with some ideas as well, and joined us for the shoot. 

Myself, Ashley Gray and Tony Tale star in this short sketch. We have a 'Shit You'll Never See In: HORROR (part 2)' coming next month, since the response was so great! 

We'll be expanding genres and covering other types of film and television soon. We kicked off the series with this one!

It was filmed entirely in Michigan with the assistance of friends and family. 

My biggest passion is creating interesting videos on little to no budget to show any filmmaker or actor anywhere in the world who dreams of being in or working on films that they can. From anywhere, with any budget. People don't have to be put off by not having a million dollars or not being able to afford the best actors. Pay it forward, give aspiring artists a chance, and do it yourself! It's possible! 

Be sure to check out April's website:

And her Youtube channel:

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