ATROCITY *** U.S.A. 2015 84 mins Dir : Jeff S.Chimenti

Zack has a plan for his girlfriend and its not one she is going to like. After been told about his girlfriends extra curricular activities Zack, his friends and their trusty camcorder head over to her house to catch her cheating.
What starts out as a simple idea to catch her out soon turns into a horrific night for everyone involved. It turns out it was a devilish plan by his girlfriend to let the cat out of the bag about his gay tendencies in front of his friends. Now these testosterone drug fueled binge drinking guys cause even more upset by using some weapons to not only kill her stepdad when he gets involved in the argument but others also get harmed in the onslaught. Seven years later, a sheriff and local detective go over the footage of that night with someone who seems very interested in the case. Once the missing footage is shown the case is revealed to be an even darker one then first thought. This is well edited and nearly written to perfection except for one minor detail….why does the lead detective of the case not recognise a certain someone holding the camera in the seven years later scenes? What starts off as a generic found footage film soon turns into an original story that shortly after heads back into familiar territory for the finale. The acting isn’t great but the film is fast paced and the moments when tempers rise amongst the characters show real promise. Some freshness has been injected into the found footage genre that has been treading the abandoned hospital route for some time. If you have ever seen the show ‘Cheaters‘ look at this as its violent cousin.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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