BIND (a.k.a. American Conjuring) *** Canada 2016 Dir: Dan Walton & Dan Zachary 81 mins

A new family of four move into the old abandoned orphanage but what seemed like a good deal on paper soon becomes their worst nightmare. Stomping through familiar territory ‘BIND‘ is essentially a collection of best of moments from your favourite movies.
That is not a knock on the film itself as there are several moments where the viewer will wince and animal lovers will be screaming bloody murder at the patriarch of the family. The family itself are for better a word ‘clueless’ of the buildings history, but when your youngest daughter tells you she has seen a woman in a window of the house, a lady comes by and rants and raves about not moving into the house and your supposedly best friend is flogging the house off to you on the cheap alarm bells should be ringing. The demon/ghost of the house has an interesting look about it but I feel they should have left it more in the shadows as once it is revealed in pure light it ruins the creepiness factor. I always worry when I see a film (outside of anthologies) is directed by more then one director as the visions from each director can either make or break a movie, in this case you couldn’t tell it was directed by two people which just shows how good these two guys are. The opening of the film is pretty strong and other then a few slow scenes the film keeps you entertained. Its main influence seems to be ‘THE AMITYVILLE HORROR‘, so think of this as that film on a budget and you will have a good viewing experience.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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