Film Review: DEATH-SCORT SERVICE (2015)

DEATH-SCORT SERVICE ** U.S.A. 2015 Dir: Sean Donohue. 79 mins

Las Vegas, Nevada home to gambling and someone who really doesn’t like escorts. A deranged killer is on a rampage to kill as many escorts as possible, the motive? Revenge. How many people will have to die to fulfill this slashers bloodlust?

Think of the sleaziest slasher film you can think of, now times that by ten and you have ‘DEATH-SCORT SERVICE‘. A whole slew of women get killed off one by one in various ways by an unknown assailant. As the police won’t help two girls take it upon themselves to battle the killer of their friends and hopefully end the bloodbath. They do indeed end the bloodbath but at what cost to their sanity.

As with other films by ‘The Sleaze Box’ the ante had to be pushed with this one. Personally I would say this was tamer then previous efforts in them trying to disgust you. That is not to say there is scenes you will find revolting (or revel in), including a man going down on a hooker only to get a mouthful of this months present from Mother Nature. This is well shot and the story goes by quickly and sure we have seen the typical slasher movie done to death but this slasher will make you feel dirty after watching it. Cheap, sleazy slasher with just the right amount of gore.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins


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