Film Review: MODEL HUNGER (2016)

MODEL HUNGER **** U.S.A. 2016 85 mins Dir : Debbie Rochon

Debbie Rochon star of nearly 300 movies has stepped behind the camera to make her directorial debut and it is one not to be missed. Ginny (Lynn Lowry, ‘I DRINK YOUR BLOOD‘) once was the girl everyone wanted, but when she gets pushed aside for younger prettier women she takes the rejection badly…..very badly.
Her days of acting and modelling maybe over but she has found something to do in her spare time which keeps her just as busy. Ginny gets new neighbours moving in next door, Debbie (Tiffany Shepis) keeps telling her partner Sal that there is something going on at her house. Surely a kind old lady wouldn’t be upto no good, she after all has given Sal some food but if only he knew what was in it. In between watching her favourite show Suzi’s Secret (hosted by a fat suit wearing Suzi Lorraine and Babette Bombshell doing the best to look sexy) she invites young girls who grace her doorstep into her home. As she enjoys the company of the girls unbeknownst to them she has drugged their tea and soon they become part of Ginnys ranting of women should be happy the way they are and not be skinny like all girls are today. An ear bashing isn’t all they get they even get to experience some torture as Ginny cuts them up ready to eat, even as far going as eating one girls clitoris raw. Ginny won’t get away with it though as more girls go disappearing and Debbie gets more suspicious she confronts her in  the finale leaving even more blood flowing. ‘MODEL HUNGER‘ has to be the best film Lynn Lowry has done in years and her performance is outstanding throughout. She goes through loads of different emotions, from kind old lady to manic crazy person even at one point we are graced with her dressed up in sexy lingerie whilst belittling one of her victims. Fans of horror soundtracks should listen carefully to the music in this film as it is done by none other then Harry Manfredini of ‘FRIDAY THE 13TH‘ fame. A directorial debut from a scream queen directing scream queens in a well acted, well scripted film that doesn’t slow down to its final moments.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins


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