NEW BLOOD AWAKENING ** USA 2016 Dir: Chad Zuver. 114 mins

Following on from the events of ‘NEW BLOOD RISING‘ the vampires have now formed different factions leaving the humans in an even worse place. As the war continues to brew who will have the most casualties and who will ultimately be the winner of this conflict.
Chad Zuver’s sequel to his 2014 movie has some interesting characters throughout even if some do come across as one dimensional. The acting is laughable in places especially some of the fight scenes but one person who really stood out was the character of Callidora (played by Sarah Bertz Thomas) who is the main villains second in command. The biggest problem I feel with this movie was that it was way too long, some serious editing could take place to cut out over long scenes of people walking through doors. Of course being a vampire film you can’t forget about the red sticky stuff and there is plenty of it, in fact some of the sfx are great. I really liked the look of the vampire who gets holy water thrown in their face and subsequently melts it away, top notch meltdown. In short Zuver has made a vampire film that will keep you interested throughout and make vampires scary once again. Look out for more bloodsucking to come in the finale of this trilogy ‘DESCENDING‘.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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