SLIME CITY ***** U.S.A. 1988 Dir: Greg Lamberson 90 mins

Alex is looking for a new apartment where he can be closer to his girlfriend Lori and hopefully begin a happy life. Unfortunately his new apartment in New York City will turn Alex into a murdering melting monster hell bent on filling his blood lust.
If Lamberson only made one film in his entire career he would be proud of what he accomplished with ‘SLIME CITY‘. Alex is the new tenant in the apartment he is renting, his neighbours welcome him with open arms which would probably put a lot of people off. His neighbours consist of two old cronies, a poetry writing goth guy (Roman) and Nicole the neighbour that any single guy would happily leave their front door open for. Now Alex only rents here because he wants to be nearer to his wholesome girlfriend Lori and hopefully get her in the sack. Roman invites Alex over for a meal which consists of some strange green pudding mix and a drink which looks like watered down Absinthe. After this not so appetising looking dinner Alex ends up with Nicole in what has to be the fastest sex scene in the history of film, the following morning he wakes up in his bed covered in a slimy residue. He soon melts down into an even more gooey mess and it seems the only way to stop it is to kill, thus returning Alex to his normal state. It soon transpires that what Roman gave him to eat and drink was made from a recipe by an alchemist who is slowly returning through Alex and the other tenants are his former disciples in spirit. Is it to late for Alex or can he be saved from becoming a murdering demon? This late 80’s horror film would make a great double bill with the 1987 film ‘STREET TRASH‘. Greg Lamberson’s directorial debut has everything you could possibly want in a body melt horror film…lots of slime, blood and yuckiness. The sfx are great for a low budget film and just shows what can be done with practical effects. The standout actors in the film are Robert C. Sabin who played Alex and Mary Huner who played not only the wholesome Lori, but she also played the sexy goth girl Nicole. Definitely check this one out if you like your horror films squishy. 23 years later the director made a sequel called ‘SLIME CITY MASSACRE’.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins


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