Saturday, 2 July 2016

THE DOOMS CHAPEL HORROR *** U.S.A. 2016 Dir: John William Holt 95 mins

Ever since the death of his brother, Kyle Cole has not been back to his hometown of Kaler Mills. Now 10 years later he returns to the town that believes he killed his brother and to face his own demons.....and one he forgot all about.
Kyle Cole is a young boy who grows up with his family on a farm, his older brother Ryan is Kaler Mills favourite guy, star of the football team and all around American. When Ryan is sorting out some machinery on the farm he ends up inside of it and dies leaving the town distraught and Kyle taking the blame. 10 years later Kyle returns to the town with his girlfriend and a documentarian after the original police tapes are leaked. Throughout his time in the town he is reminded by the locals that he is not wanted there and he is the reason his brother died. It is not long before a member of the cult in the town realise he is back and remind him of their deal. We are soon introduced to Jordan (Bill Oberst Jr.) the leader of the cult and promises that Kyle's wishes will be done. When bodies soon start appearing in the woods around town it would seem that Kyle's wishes are coming true and he must take on the cult to stop it before it is too late, but there is something far more sinister waiting for him out there. This film is a mixed bag of sub-genres, part cult horror and part creature feature all wrapped together neatly inside a found footage film. The actors throughout the film are believable but none more so then Bill Oberst Jr. playing a cult leader to perfection and has you really believing in his character. The creature in the film acts on revenge very much in the style of 'PUMPKINHEAD'. You don't get to see a full image of the creature but this is a good thing as it keeps the darkness of the cult alive. Well paced throughout and with a story that holds your attention right to the very end.

Review by Peter 'Witchfinder' Hopkins

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