SLIME CITY MASSACRE **** U.S.A. 2010 Dir: Greg Lamberson 85 mins

After a dirty bomb goes off in a New York City neighbourhood the residents are evacuated except for the homeless, they get to live in what is now known as slime city.
As people emerge from the fallout four people get together to seek shelter, food and company. As luck would have it they find an old soup kitchen once owned by someone called Zachary Devon. Those who have seen ‘SLIME CITY‘ will know who Zachary is. They find a whole bunch of stuff but notably something called Himalayan yogurt (that never expires!) and a drink called Zachary Devon’s Home Brewed Elixir. They soon start to enjoy their findings and begin to transform in to horrible slime creatures hell bent on killing. Not only are they changing physically they are becoming hosts to the spirits of Zachary Devon and his Coven Of The Flesh who we see in flashbacks throughout the film. A big land developer soon comes into slime city with his mercenaries to clear away the homeless population and make loads of money on this big money property area. As we come towards the end of the film its an all out war between Slime Heads, mercenaries and mutant cannibals. This was a worthy sequel to ‘SLIME CITY‘ that will keep the Slime Heads appeased. Its got everything you would hope for: blood, gore, Debbie Rochon topless, Lloyd Kaufman and Gregory Lamberson’s past stars of his films making an appearance. You do get to see what Nicole looks like in the 50’s through a flashback, and if you thought Mary Huner was hot as Nicole in ‘SLIME CITY‘ just wait till you see the sex appeal ooze from Brooke Lewis as Nicole. Another great moment is when the two main guys go to find food in the soup kitchen and see a basket and ask “Whats in the basket?” only to open it to see a big slimy mess with a bottle of Viper sticking out if it, a clear reference to ‘BASKET CASE‘ and ‘STREET TRASH‘. Sure the film doesn’t have as much slime as ‘SLIME CITY‘ but it makes up on that in storytelling and the characters. The sfx are on form as well from a guy getting broken bottles shoved in his eye sockets to Debbie Rochon’s character becoming nothing more then a pile of slime in a bathtub apart from her face. Definitely worth checking out if you like your horror films with a bucket full of slime.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins


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