BLACK DEVIL DOLL ** USA 2007 73 mins Dir: Jonathan Lewis.

Billed in its opening title sequence as “rated X by an all-white jury” and also crediting a production company named “Lowest Common Denominator Entertainment”, this Troma-esque riff on both Blaxploitation and CHILD’S PLAY displays a deliberately juvenile pride in its efforts to offend.
Just as a busty, bored brunette conducts a solo séance, an infamous black rapist / murderer is executed at San Quentin. The horny, foul mouthed scumbag winds up in the body of a “Muthafuckin’ puppet” and, despite the restrictions of his new form, still wins over the ladies (most of them porn stars) and maintains his catchphrase (“I’m a lover, not a killer”) while saying “nigger” over 100 times a day to keep his teeth white. Director Lewis enthusiastically dumps on the 21st century “P.C.” crowd by indulging in both black and female stereotypes while reveling in over-sized tits, graphic puppet-on-woman sex, bodily fluids and ass fucking. The acting is intentionally abrasive, though a little of it goes a long way: it’s surprising how quickly scenes of a doll eating out a woman’s ass or ejaculating on someone’s face wear thin. Not a great deal of horror per se, though plenty of big hard black doll cock to savour, alongside shameless product placement for Rotten Cotton T-shirts (they’re good for mopping up jizz, apparently).

Review by Steven West

Author: Peter 'Witchfinder' Hopkins

Founder and Editor in Chief of Horror Screams Video Vault

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