Tuesday, 27 September 2016


THE WAKE is a new and exciting short Irish horror film set around a traditional Irish wake. Rik Gordon had this to say about THE WAKE:

I want to create a film that will be an experience to watch; have strong, vivid characters, creepy, scary and suspenseful scenes and practical special effects with lots of blood! An Irish wake consists of a lot of strange and old traditions which I am warping into a fantasy scenario. THE WAKE will tell the story of an outsider brought into a world he is unfamiliar with and must survive!

Be sure to head over to the official Indiegogo page for THE WAKE and make a contribution. If you can't make a contribution then share the hell out of the link to get more people involved and interested.

For those who do make a contribution there is plenty of perks for you depending on the amount you donate.

Keep up to date on the project by going to the links below.

The Wake Twitter

The Wake Facebook

The Wake Instagram

The Wake Website

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