THE CARNAGE COLLECTION ** U.S.A. 2015 84 mins Dir: Bob Ferreira, Derek Ferreira and Kimball Rowell

Following in the footsteps of some classic horror anthologies, THE CARNAGE COLLECTION features multiple short stories of violence, gore, carnage, and horror. Opening with a sales agent knocking on a mans door and offering him the new T.V. service HVTV, his box is soon set up and he is free to watch what delights he wishes. Each new segment of this anthology is brought to us by him flicking through the channels and stopping on questionable subject matter for a T.V. channel.
His choices range from a psychotic Santa Claus ornament who kills you along to his catchphrase “suck on my jingle balls mother fucker”, a big dicked highly sexed guy who feels more love for his VCR then anybody really should and a girl who has an obsession with not only her friend but hears voices from her cuddly toy who tells her to do unsavoury things. There is some others in the mix as well but those three are the ones that stand out. THE CARNAGE COLLECTION describes itself as a horror comedy anthology though I seem to have missed the comedy. It is far from the best anthology film out there but it is also not the worst. I see this more as a showcase for the writer/directors work and given enough time to write compelling characters and structure a longer story they could come out with something that will hit the mark. Worth keeping an eye on this film making team.

Review by Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins

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