It was only last month we brought you news that U.K. thriller MELANIE’S GRAVE had finished filming here.

Now we can bring you an exclusive look at the teaser trailer (below) from S.H.A.M Films, Melgrave Films and Hood Up Films.

Official Plot:

When autistic Mel’s (Rachel Meredith) daily routines and rituals are interrupted by armed gunman, Rob (James Trenholme), bursting into her home and holding her hostage after a bungled robbery, her world is turned upside down. His presence sparks nightmares of her abusive childhood at the hands of her father and awakens a darkness in her which can only spell trouble for her assailant. As the body count begins to rise and the police knocking on her door, Mel has to try and cover her tracks as best she knows how.

MELANIE’S GRAVE is directed by Garry Moore who also acts as producer alongside Stephen Patrick Kenny (The Pigman Murders, Captive). The film stars Rachel Meredith, James Trenholme, Susan Wiseman, Lucy Purdy-Proudfoot.

MELANIE’S GRAVE will be coming out in 2017 but for now keep up to date on the film by checking out their social media pages.

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