Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Film Review: PIGSKIN (2015) (Short Film)

PIGSKIN **** USA 2015 Dir: Jake Hammond. 14 mins

Made at Florida State University, this extremely well crafted, well-acted short follows a long line of American horror films offering gruesome metaphors for traumatic adolescent experiences.
Isadora Leiva gives a striking performance as a self-conscious, self-harming, bulimic teenager preparing for a date with a hunk and strangely haunted by an apparent disfigured apparition. A grim study of our body image-obsessed culture and of the thin line separating teenage alienation and self-destruction, this empathetic character study is wedded to horrific imagery, and pays off with a visceral finale leaving us to make up our own mind. Stand-outs are Leiva’s convincing, three-dimensional portrayal and the terrific soundtrack, including contemporary electronica from The Chromatics (“Kill for Love”) and Desire (“Under Your Spell”).

Review by Steven West

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