A new year and a new set of releases by Vinegar Syndrome, so without further ado let us have a look at their January 2017 releases.

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This months releases are:

VS-149: Blood Mania / Point of Terror [BD/DVD Combo] *Limited Edition of 3,000*

Vinegar Syndrome presents a lurid double dose of 70s sleaze from one of the most enigmatic leading men of the era: Peter Carpenter.

Please note: this limited edition first pressing of 3,000 units includes an exclusive bonus DVD featuring rare TV versions of both films!

First, in Robert Vincent O’Neill’s BLOOD MANIA, Carpenter stars as Craig, lover of the unstable Victoria (Maria De Aragon), who’s very keen to see her wealthy father reach an early grave so she can inherit his fortune. Deciding to speed up the process, she concocts a diabolical plan for his demise, only to be met with some unexpected obstacles… Playing like a sex and violence drenched soap opera, BLOOD MANIA is a mind-bending drive-in oddity that keeps you guessing until its final shocking twist.

Then, in Alex Nicol’s POINT OF TERROR, Carpenter headlines as Tony Trelos, a lounge singer who mysteriously wakes up on Andrea’s (Dyanne Thorne) private beach. The two quickly begin an affair, but things get complicated when Andrea decides to murder her wheelchair bound husband and Tony starts sleeping with Andrea’s pretty stepdaughter… With its Tom Jones inspired musical interludes and DP Robert Maxwell’s Bava-esque lighting scheme, POINT OF TERROR plays like a candy colored acid trip into the world of vanity themed exploitation.

Vinegar Syndrome proudly brings both of these jaw dropping classics to Blu-ray, newly restored from their original negatives and featuring their much sought after alternative TV versions (exclusive to this first pressing of 3,000 units)!

Directed by: Robert Vincent O’Neill & Alex Nichol
1970-1971 / 168 minutes (combined) / Color / 1.85:1

Actors: Peter Carpenter, Maria De Aragon, Leslie Simms, Vicki Peters, Dyanne Thorne, Jacqueline Dal

• Scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm original camera negative
• Three disc set (1 BD and 2 DVDs)
• TV versions for both films (DVD only)
• Commentary track for BLOOD MANIA with Robert Vincent O’Neill (Director), Vicki Peters (Actress) and Leslie Simms (Actress)
• Video interview with Robert Vincent O’Neill (Director)
• Video interview with Leslie Simms (Actress)
• Director introduction for BLOOD MANIA
• Theatrical trailers for both films
• Multiple TV spots for both films
• Promotional still galleries for both films

• English SDH subtitles for all films (including TV versions)

VS-150: Don’t Answer the Phone! [BD/DVD Combo]

Vietnam vet Kirk Smith (Nicholas Worth) spends his days photographing pretty girls. He spends his nights strangling them. With the LAPD baffled by what seems to be a series of random killings, radio psychiatrist Lindsay Gale begins receiving menacing calls from Smith, who then sets his murderous sights on her patients, and soon Gale herself…

One time director Robert Hammer’s gripping and suspenseful early slasher, DON’T ANSWER THE PHONE!, blends unnerving psychological drama with brutal violence, complimented by a career performance from Nicholas Worth and atmospheric cinematography by James L. Carter (TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 3).

Vinegar Syndrome presents this genre film masterpiece freshly restored in 4k from its recently discovered 35mm original camera negative, and looking better than it ever has on home video.

Directed by: Robert Hammer
1979 / 95 minutes / Color / 1.85:1
Actors: Nicholas Worth, James Westmoreland, Flo Lawrence, Ben Frank, Denise Galik

• Scanned and restored in 4k from 35mm original camera negative
• Commentary track with Robert Hammer (Writer / Director / Producer)
• Director’s introduction
• Isolated soundtrack by Composer Byron Allred
• “Answering the Phone” – video interview with Nicholas Worth
• “For What it’s Worth” – career retrospective with Nicholas Worth
• Original theatrical trailer
• TV spots
• Promotional still gallery
• English SDH subtitles

VS-151: Blue Money [BD/DVD Combo] *Limited Edition of 2,000*

Jim (Alain Patrick) would seem like any other ordinary young man, trying to make ends meet and support his wife (Barbara Mills) and young daughter, while pursuing his dream of sailing around the world. But his profession is anything but ordinary: Jim is a filmmaker in the highly lucrative, and also highly illegal world of X-rated movies…

A new fling with a beautiful, fresh-faced actress begins to take its toll on his home life, while the vice squad begins an ever-increasing surveillance of his studio. Will he manage to escape the vicious clutches of the vice, or succumb to the ever-present temptation of blue money?

Director/Star Alain Patrick’s BLUE MONEY is a powerful, Casavettes-esque examination of LA’s burgeoning hardcore film scene. Produced by Bob Chinn (Johnny Wadd), and featuring cameos from Sandy Dempsey and Suzanne Fields, BLUE MONEY makes its Blu-ray debut newly restored in 2K and uncut for the first time on home video.

Directed by: Alain Patrick
1971 / 89 minutes / Color / 1.85:1

Actors: Barbara Mills, Sandy Dempsey, Alain Patrick, Suzanne Fields, Inga Maria

• Scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm original camera negative
• Video interview with Bob Chinn
• Bonus feature: The Affairs of Aphrodite
• Original theatrical trailer for BLUE MONEY
• Promotional still gallery
• English SDH subtitles for both films

VS-152: Taboo 4 [BD/DVD Combo]

In the fourth installment of Kirdy Stevens’ popular TABOO series, the focus shifts to Dr. Jeremy Lodge (Jamie Gillis), a prominent psychologist who deals with clients who have been traumatized by incest. Unknown to him, his wife Alice (Cyndee Summers) has been having an affair with his brother (John Leslie). After their teenage daughters Robin and Naomi (Ginger Lynn and Karen Summer respectively) are expelled from boarding school, things come to a head when Jeremy discovers the affair and he and Alice split up, each taking one girl. Soon erotic tensions build as Naomi begins to lust after her uncle and Robin becomes more and more fascinated by the concept of incest…

The last TABOO film to receive a theatrical release, TABOO 4 features writer/producer Helene Terrie’s most accomplished and daring script along side exceptional performances from Karen Summer, Lynn, Leslie, and Gillis, as well as Honey Wilder reprising her role of Joyce McBride. Easily among the greatest erotic features of the 1980s, Vinegar Syndrome proudly presents TABOO 4 on Blu-ray newly restored from its original 35mm camera negative.

Directed by: Kirdy Stevens
1985 / 106 minutes / Color / 1.85:1
Actors: Ginger Lynn, Karen Summer, Kay Parker, Jamie Gillis, John Leslie, Cyndee Summers, Honey Wilder, Jerry Butler, Mike Ranger, Joey Silvera

• Scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm original camera negative
• Video interview with Ginger Lynn (Actress)
• Video introduction by Ginger Lynn
• Video interview with Karen Summer (Actress)

VS-153: A Place Beyond Shame [DVD]

International sex symbol, Seka, has lost her sex drive. So much so that even the mere touch of a man horrifies her. Frustrated and confused, Seka turns to a psychiatrist (Paul Thomas) who puts her into a hypnotic state to help rediscover her sensuality. Soon Seka finds herself in a world of unlimited ecstasy, observing and participating in encounters with men and women, each more exciting than the last.

Co-directors Fred Lincoln and Sharon Mitchell present a cinematic document of volcanic lust that’s more erotic and passionate than anything you’ve seen and featuring a supporting cast including Lori Blue, Don Fernando, Lysa Thatcher, Mai Lin and many more. So come with Seka and enter a place where fantasy becomes reality…A PLACE BEYOND SHAME.

Directed by: Fred Lincoln & Sharon Mitchell
1980 / 73 minutes / Color / 1.85:1

Actors: Seka, Paul Thomas, Lori Blue, Mai Lin, Don Fernando, Lysa Thatcher

• Region free DVD
• Scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm negative
• Original theatrical trailer

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                                              Release date is set for 24th January 2017.

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