Saturday, 14 January 2017


ANNA: SCREAM QUEEN KILLER * U.K. 2013 Dir: The Aquinas, Melanie Denholme 80 mins

This film follows Anna an aspiring actress who goes to an audition. At first everything seems normal as Anna reads a piece of paper given to her. Various scenes are to be played out by her even if the scenarios are a little too much, but still she does them because she wants to be an actress.
That means if the person who is recording her says "I want a blowjob. Of course my dear its all for the audition tape" Anna will do just that. This goes on for quite some time even leading up to Anna being raped which she is a little miffed about but being the trooper she is carries on her audition. All of this goes on for 80 minutes and its not long into the film you get that moment when you feel your eyes get heavy watching, but you must watch till the end only to feel even more underwhelmed....that my friends is ANNA: SCREAM QUEEN KILLER in a nutshell. I am pretty sure this was meant as a cautionary tale (if a little extreme) of what could happen at auditions. Melanie Denholme (who plays Anna) may well be a talented actress in her own right acting alongside other actors, but here she seems to be struggling to get even herself involved in the scenes. If you want to see something different then the norm then check this out otherwise avoid as if this was Ebola.

Review by Peter 'Witchfinder' Hopkins

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