Thursday, 5 January 2017

Film Review: GHOSTKEEPERS (2012)

GHOSTKEEPERS *** Canada 2012 Dir: Anthony D.P. Mann 85 mins

Barry Bird is a huge fan of the film 'The House Where Evil Was Born' and persuades some of the cast to join him at the films original location (Marlowe House) for his podcast. The cast who join him are Victor Brimstone, played by director Anthony D.P. Mann who appears to be doing his best Julian Sands impression and Vera Sunset (Sherri Paterson).
Alongside them are a medium and Bird's tech assistant. Besides the fact that Barry is a fan of the movie he hopes to get in contact with the films director who apparently killed himself in the house. Many believe it was spirits in the house who drove him mad enough to kill himself, while others believe he couldn't live without the cast member he was having an affair with. Will Barry Bird get what he wants from the night in Marlowe House or will he wish he never entered? This film has entertainment value but that is notably down to two characters, Victor Brimstone and Barry Yuen's caretaker character who has a Louisiana twang to his voice and would fit perfectly in a 1950s B-Movie. The film does its best to give us some chills in the vein of THE CHANGELING, but it ultimately falls flat due to some inexperienced actors. Worth checking out to see what director Anthony D.P. Mann is capable of and maybe checking out his other features.

Review by Peter 'Witchfinder' Hopkins

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