Monday, 21 August 2017

Film Review: I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE (2016)

I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE *** USA 2016 Dir: Robert Lawson Gordon 84 mins

Upon learning that his mother has committed suicide, Tom Redding also finds out he has a long lost sister. He decides he wishes to take on the challenge of looking after his catatonic sister at the family home and document her illness for a film. What he doesn't realise is how much of a strain it will take on his own sanity but is it Chloe or is there far sinister forces at play?
More of a thriller then a horror but director Robert Lawson Green pulls you in with his characters, especially the catatonic sister Chloe played by Grainne McDermott (Bloody Homecoming). Once you get past the first few minutes of the main character being told he has a sister he has never met and wanting to take her to the secluded homestead, a decision he spends mere seconds on, the film picks it up a notch and does well in keeping you intrigued with the plot. There is a supernatural element to the film but this is hardly explored outside of the story of the mountains having some kind of native american significance. There is also a sense of THE SHINING in a certain scene of the film but you will have to watch the movie to see what that is. If you like a film with a small cast and a story that keeps you hooked check out I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE.

Review by Peter 'Witchfinder' Hopkins

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